Our story

I was looking for a Christmas present for my wife, but I couldn't find a thing. After considering all kinds of stuff I had an idea - what if I would make something myself? I found a piece of wood in the cupboard back from my school days and I went to the jewelry store to get some silver. This is how the first heart necklace was born, what would later be the start of  my own business idea. The pendant turn out to be a success and I decided to make more. The collection got great response in my close circle, so I ended up starting my own company.

However, my history with jewelry reaches further back in time. When I was 18 years old I was planning a trip to the Solomon Islands, but I was lacking the funds. A friend of mine saw a cross necklace that I had made for myself, and he wanted to buy a similar one. I agreed to make him one, and soon the orders were soming in from everyone I knew and one month later I had bought the plane tickets and was ready to head out on my adventure. 

  My travel vision regarding the Solomon Islands grew. I actually ended up living on these beautiful pacific islands. The next year I found myself working for the local technical institute as a lapidary teacher, with the goal of teaching locals a livelihood utilizing the rich resources of the islands.

Now my story continues in my homeland. Handicraft for me is something I enjoy, it´s a way of life as well as my occupation. I use authentic natural materials and every product is handmade. I have worked mainly with wood so far, and I am very exited that I have been able to launch also jewelry made of stone in the beginning of this year! 

 I want to make jewelry that has a purpose and carries a story.

I hope that is what you will find also, as you are looking at the products.


Touko Salo               2/2021