Last updated April 22nd, 2021

We want to offer you a safe and pleasant shoppping experience at our Hillwood Design - online shop.

Any information is collected and processed according to the personal data act (10 ja 24 §) and the EU general data protection regulation (GDPR).

What information do we collect?

We collect information, that you give us when placing an order or signing up on the e-mail list. These may include:

-Your name

-Your address

-Your e-mail

-Your phone number

-Contents of your purchase

-Other information related to your order
It is inevitable to give personal information when ordering, in order for us to execute and deliver the order. Additionally, cookies may collect information about your browsing, such as viewed pages, time of your visit, your IP-address, purchase made and demographic information such as location, gender and age.

Use of cookies

Cookies are small files, that are saved to your devise when visiting a web page. Some of the cookies are necessary for the function of the site. We use first party cookies and third party cookies. The main reasons for the usage is ensuring the functionality of the web, visitor statistics and advertisement. It is not possible to recognize or track down a specific person based on the cookies used.

Third parties

It is possible that we hand the information collected to close partners for logistics, IT-support or analysis. Any personal information is not handed over, sold or published except for our own or close partner's usage.

Registry administrator

Touko Salo

Hillwood Design
Kirkkolehdonkatu 17
67700 Kokkola, Suomi

+358 50 406 2929

Business ID: 2924669-6

The registry is processed with diligence, and any processed information is protected adequately by our information systems. When information is stored on internet servers, the physical and digital security of the devises are carefully protected. The registry administrator is making sure that any collected data, as well as the access to the servers, is processed with confidentiality and only by certain employees, along with other critical information for the protection of personal information. 

Time of information storage

We will not store information about you for longer than what is necessary for its intended use, or necessary for keeping the contract or required by law. The time of information storage may vary depending on the situation and the intended use of the information.

Deleting information from the registry

You have the right to see any stored information about you, ask us to delete it (the right to be forgotten) or to change it, by contacting us at You can block cookies already saved to your devise by changing the cookie settings on your browser, alternatively you could use a program for blocking cookies, such as "NAI's Consumer opt-out" or "Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on". Please note, that these settings might prevent the web page from working optimally.